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 Architecting Manufacturing Industries and systems for Adaptability(AMISA)
Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)
Research area:
NMP-2010-3.1-1 New industrial models for a sustainable and efficient production

Systems provide value through their ability to fulfil stakeholders' needs. Inevitably, these needs evolve over time and diverge from an original system's capabilities. Thus, the system must be disposed of or periodically upgraded at substantial cost.
The objective of the AMISA project is to develop a generic, quantitative methodology for architecting manufacturing lines, product systems and customer services for optimal adaptability to unforeseen changes in stakeholder needs, technology development, and government regulations. The methodology will be validated in six real-life pilot projects to provide concrete evidence that it is:
1) Generic and tailorable,
2) Scalable,
3) Usable and
4) Cost effective.

AMISA will deliver a step-change in the performance of European industry, characterized by a higher reactivity to needs and more economically compatible products and services. Manufacturing systems or products/services designed for adaptability will save 20% either in cost or cycle time and increase their valuable lifespan by 25%. During manufacturing these systems will consume less energy and natural resources and produce less pollution and waste. Adaptable systems will also be more amenable to adjustments in regulatory frameworks (i.e. environmental, health, safety, etc.).

The AMISA consortium is composed of four large manufacturers and two SMEs representing the Food, Machinery, Aerospace, Automotive, Communication and Optronics sectors. The consortium also includes four research centres with experience in fusing engineering and economic theories with practical applications in industry and government. Since AMISA deals with systemic issues, its expected impact is vastly wider than just the industries that are directly involved in the project. Accordingly, the project will operate within an international framework, including U.S. scientists and collaboration with relevant Intelligent Manufacturing System (IMS) projects.

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