0 M€ in open calls for proposals for a total budget of 4.097 M€.
Grants for subcontracting at least 2 Technology Experts on behalf of 3 or more SMEs established in 2 or more EU Member or Associated States, for the development of innovative products, services or processes; as well as other grants to enhance Europe’s R&D and innovation capacities.

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To become competitive and play a leading role at world level, the European Union needs a strong and coherent international science and technology policy.

The international actions carried out under the different programmes within the seventh Framework Programme will be implemented in the context of an overall international cooperation strategy.

This international policy has three interdependent objectives:
- to support European competitiveness through strategic partnerships with third countries in selected fields of science and by engaging the best third countries scientists to work in and with Europe;
- to facilitate contacts with partners in third countries with the aim of providing better access to research carried out elsewhere in the world;
- to address specific problems that third countries face or that have a global character, on the basis of mutual interest and mutual benefit.