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 Development of a novel and cost-effective range of nanotech improved coatings to substantially improve NIR (Near Infrared Reflective) properties of the building envelope(COOL-COVERINGS)
Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)
Research area:
EeB.NMP.2010-1 New nanotechnology-based high performance insulation systems for energy efficiency

Recent work has shown the possibility to drastically increase the reflection performance of the building envelop, using nanotechnologies. Standard metal oxides are already known for their solar reflection properties, but latest developments identified that nanotechnologies can improve Index of Reflectance from an average of 0,35 to 0,85 because of their effectiveness on Near Infrared wavelengths, even on non white surfaces.

The NIR reflective COOL-Coverings Project aims to develop an easy to use and cost-effective range of coatings that can be rapidly offered in the market of retrofitting and new constructions:
(1) on the external walls;
(2) on facades ceramics;
(3) on the roofs, for which an already existing new generation membrane will incorporate a nanotechnological-based NIR reflecting coating;
(4) on the internal walls and tiles, since the NIR-Reflecting nanocrystalline oxides can be developed in such a reflection range that may also cover the radiation from indoor heating systems.

Glazed envelops and windows have not been considered in the scope of the project since several players are already active with a considerable amount of scientific papers. First simulations showed that NIR reflective solutions allow interesting savings in cooling and heating bills, and pay off rapidly the initial investment. The more competitive target will be air-conditioned buildings with flat roof in hot Mediterranean coast, while there is a clear evidence that also buildings in northern continental climates will payoff the additional investment in the NIR technology, due to reflective properties of the internal walls.

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