Joint Research Centre (JRC): non-nuclear direct actions

Grants for direct activities of the Joint Research Centre to reinforce the analysis of policies, impact assessment or strategic intelligence about the trends on science and technology, among others.
Topic / Target >ISSI.2.2014 Citizens and multi-actor engagement for scenario building


Specific challenge:
This action aims to empower and draw on the collective intelligence of citizens to examine the role of research and innovation via future scenarios and visions of desirable sustainable futures. It will connect scientists, stakeholders and citizens (including youth) in building shared understanding.

Expected impact:
In the immediate future, this action will generate further engagement of citizens and scientific stakeholders in envisioning socially desirable futures, with a view of inspiring future research, innovation and public policies as a means to achieve these futures. In the medium term, it will contribute to enhanced understanding of the likely effects of scientific progress, to increased scientific literacy in society, and will enhance policy-makers' ability to set scientific courses in line with societal needs and aspirations.


Start date: 11/12/2013
End date: 02/10/2014
Total budget
for this call: 10,300,000
Requested EU contribution per project: € 3 million
(CSA) H2020-ISSI-2014-1 Coordination & support action
Budget: EUR 3.3 million
Integrating society in science and innovation

Citizens' interests and values need to be better integrated into science, technology, research and innovation issues, policies and activities. This integration will increase the quality, relevance, social acceptability and sustainability of research and innovation outcomes in various fields of activity from social innovation to nanotechnology. This integration will be made possible by promoting Responsible Research and Innovation, i.e. the engagement of citizens and society in a co-creative research and innovation process.

Responsible Research and Innovation are part of the effort to establish the European Research Area and fulfil the commitment of the Innovation Union. In 2014 and 2015, Science with and for Society will promote and further the understanding of Responsible Research and Innovation by combining actions in particular aiming at:
- Developing citizens’ interest and capacities for science and allowing them to actively participate in various scientific activities (e.g. exhibitions and science cafés, grass roots "Do It Yourself" (DiY) creative re-use communities, on-line mechanisms for knowledge-based policy advice);
- Fostering the dissemination of information and good practices through a Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP), including networking, monitoring and assessing relevant initiatives;
- Supporting structural change in the research organisation and higher education institutions to promote Responsible Research and Innovation.

These activities are targeted to citizens and their associations or groupings, researchers and innovators, research organisations, policy and decision makers at national, regional and local levels, primary, secondary and higher education establishments, science museums, libraries, media, artists, creative industries, etc.

The expected outcome of European Commission actions is a net improvement of the integration of society in science and innovation.

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