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 Evaluation and network of ec-decision support systems in the field of terrestrial radioecological research(EVANET-TERRA)
Funded under 5th FWP (Fifth Framework Programme)
Research area:
2.1.3.-2.4. Environmental decision support systems

Within the 4th framework programme of the EC, a major focus was to derive holistic approaches to reliably predict radionuclide activity transfer in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. These projects were constructed as DSS making use of new tools such as GIS and geostatistics and improved understanding on behaviour of radioactive material in the environment, to identify cost-effective countermeasures to be implemented and their potential environmental side-effects.

There is now an urgent need:
1) to inform DSS developers and potential end users about the existing systems, of their capabilities, advantages, disadvantages, and
2) to combine and compare the results of these projects for a holistic Europeanwide applied system. This network will provide a review and critical analysis of existing DSSs.

The network is restricted to the transfer of radioactive material in terrestrial ecosystems.

The objectives are:
Provision of a summary and a synthesis of the existing DSSs
Verification and provision of a compatibility study of the existing DSSs
Integration of the DSSs for their holistic use for complete ecosystems and economic systems
Information of the user community about the existence and their potential for improving the assessment and management
Provision of information about further needed research in the field of radioecology and radiation protection which might find its implementation in the framework programme.

Within the network tests, analysis and comparison of the derived computer codes within different projects on terrestrial transfer performed within the 4thframework programme will be conducted. The three major ecosystems: natural/semi-natural, agricultural and urban will be covered separately to finally combine the codes to derive a holistic whole ecosystem approach covering the terrestrial environmental transfer of radionuclides leading to exposures of man.

The remediation strategies considered will be critically evaluated and recommendations for their application in Europe been derived. Different scenarios will be constructed to allow a direct comparison of the outcome of the codes such as activity concentrations, doses and dose reductions due to different remediation actions.

Organisations and agencies involved in environmental protection will be included to assure that the developed software can meet expectations of different potential end users. A webpage will be created and a reputed international scientific organisation involved to further exploit the codes and the resulting network results.

Conclusions and recommendations for soil plant transfer models, conclusions and recommendations for plant-animal transfer models; conclusions and recommendations for urban models, case studies for different scenarios in the natural/semi-natural, agricultural and urban environment, compatibility studies for a whole ecosystem approach.

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