M€ in open calls for proposals for a total Budget of 32.413 M€.
Grants for collaborative R&D Projects involving more than 2 independent entities established in 2 or more EU Member or Associated States, for the development of innovative products, services or processes.

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ENERGY.6> Clean Coal Technologies 0 open topics
ENERGY.9> Knowledge for Energy Policy Making 0 open topics
ENERGY.2> Renewable electricity generation 0 open topics
ENERGY.3> Renewable fuel production 0 open topics
ENERGY.4> Renewables for heating and cooling 0 open topics
ENERGY.7> Smart energy networks 0 open topics
ENERGY.8> Energy eficiency and savings 0 open topics
ENERGY.10> Horizontal programme actions 2 open topics
The overall objective of this theme is adapting the current energy system into a more sustainable one, less dependent on imported fuels and based on:
- a diverse mix of energy sources, in particular renewables, energy carriers and non polluting sources;
- enhancing energy efficiency, including by rationalising use and storage of energy;
- addressing the pressing challenges of security of supply and climate change, whilst increasing the competitiveness of Europe’s industries.