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Financing for supporting Research capacities and basic Research, by means of grants addressed to researchers (European Research Council), collaborative Projects developing Future Emerging Technologies (FET), grants for training and mobility (Marie Skłodowska Curie), as well as grants for research infrastructures.

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FETPROACT 1 - 2014 Global Systems Science (GSS) CALL CLOSED
Specific challenge: The ambition is to improve the way scientific knowledge can help inform and evaluate policy and societal responses to global challenges like climate change, global financial crises, global pandemics, and growth of cities – urbanisation...
FETPROACT 2 - 2014 Knowing, doing, being: cognition beyond problem solving CALL CLOSED
Specific challenge:This initiative addresses the interdisciplinary fundamentals of knowing, thinking, doing and being, in close synergy with foundational research on future artificial cognitive systems, robots, smart artefacts and large scale cyber-physical...
FETPROACT 3 – 2014 Quantum simulation CALL CLOSED
Specific challenge: Devices that exploit quantum phenomena such as superposition and entanglement have the potential to enable radically new technologies. Several promising directions are now well known, for instance in quantum computation and simulation,...
FET Proactive shall address a number of promising exploratory research themes with the potential to generate a critical mass of inter-related projects that, together, make up a broad and multifaceted exploration of the themes and build a European pool of knowledge.