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 Green and safe thin film batteries for flexible cost efficient energy storage(GREENBAT)
Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)
Research area:
ICT-2007.3.6 Micro/nanosystems

In this project printed thin film batteries (TFBs) are developed, manufactured and integrated as flexible and cost efficient energy storage devices. This kind of energy storage concept has huge potential to be integrated into different low cost large area electronics applications such as smart cards, E-books, tags, large area sensor networks… In order to reduce manufacturing costs of this application field the TFBs fabrication is transferred to a roll to roll mass production process which enables cost efficient and large area processing on new or traditional substrates (plastic, glass, paper..). Thus, new nano materials are integrated as batteries components through conventional printing processes (Flexo/helio and Screen printing) used in the industry.

So far printed TFBs have been studied to be manufactured using commercially available materials. The goal of GREENBAT project is to integrate new generation of advanced smart materials in thin film printable batteries using aqueous formulation to achieve high quality, green, safe and durable power sources. The ultimate goal of this project is to integrate these structures to a single assembly resulting in a flexible energy source processed in one step thus reducing production cost. The effort of the GREENBAT consortium is to create a new technology environmental friendly, safe and durable which enables European Community to be competitive with the Asia products, in order to address the area of low cost power source manufacturing and its utilisation in different applications. The competitiveness of European industry in this new disruptive technology has much more potential than in well established products. The development in GREENBAT project creates synergies and cooperation between micro nano technologies RandD, power sources manufacturers, printing industries and end users.

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