Industrial Leadership

Grants focused on companies, mainly SMEs, for the development of technologies and innovations, especially Key Enabling Technologies (KET), access to Risk Finance, and Bottom-Up Projects market oriented with New SME instrument.

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 H2020-SMEINST-2016-2017 (4) Horizon 2020 dedicated SME Instrument 2016 - 2017 (2017, Phase 2)
Start date: 18/01/2017
End date: 18/10/2017
Total budget
for this call:
335,741,700 €

SMEInst-01-2016-2017   Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme
SMEInst-02-2016-2017   Accelerating the uptake of nanotechnologies advanced materials or advanced manufacturing and processing technologies by SMEs
SMEInst-03-2016-2017   Dedicated support to biotechnology SMEs closing the gap from lab to market
SMEInst-04-2016-2017   Engaging SMEs in space research and development
SMEInst-05-2016-2017   Supporting innovative SMEs in the healthcare biotechnology sector
SMEInst-06-2016-2017   Accelerating market introduction of ICT solutions for Health, Well-Being and Ageing Well
SMEInst-07-2016-2017   Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for sustainable and competitive agriculture, forestry, agri-food and bio-based sectors
SMEInst-08-2016-2017   Supporting SMEs efforts for the development - deployment and market replication of innovative solutions for blue growth
SMEInst-09-2016-2017   Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon and efficient energy system
SMEInst-10-2016-2017   Small business innovation research for Transport and Smart Cities Mobility
SMEInst-11-2016-2017   Boosting the potential of small businesses in the areas of climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
SMEInst-12-2016-2017   New business models for inclusive, innovative and reflective societies
SMEInst-13-2016-2017   Engaging SMEs in security research and development