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 Improving durum wheat for water use efficiency and yield stability through physiological and molecular approaches(IDUWUE)
Funded under 5th FWP (Fifth Framework Programme)

The general objective of IDuWUE is to improve water-use efficiency (WUE) and thus the yield stability of durum wheat production in rainfed areas of Mediterranean countries. A secondary objective will be to improve N-use efficiency NUE in durum wheat thus further contributing to an improved sustainability of durum wheat production. More specific objectives are to:
1) evaluate under rained and irrigated conditions 180 accessions and 250 durum RILS for physiological traits, WUE, NUE, yield and yield stability;
2) produce molecular profiles of the genetic materials;
3) produce a linkage map;
4) identify markers associated to major QLS for physiological traits, WUE, NUE, yield and yield stability;
5) train young scientists from WANA countries in physiological and molecular techniques;
6) organize a workshop to disseminate the results of the project and assess the socio-economic impact of the cultivation of a more water- and N-use efficient durum wheat.

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