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 A tool box to catalyze continuous process INNOvation within the TEXtile manufacturing lines in Europe(INNOTEX)
Funded under 6th FWP (Sixth Framework Programme)
Research area:
SME-2 Collective Research (all areas of science and technology)

Within a European Collective Research involving 26 partners from seven countries (six textile professional associations from Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland and the European Apparel and Textile Organisation EURATEX, 10 SMEs and 9 RTD performers) the main objective of the INNOTEX project consists in developing and disseminating a productivity enhancement tool box for the textile industry. It aims at supporting process improvement primarily in ISO certified European textile SMEs, where continuous process innovation will lead to both productivity gains and quality increase of the final textile products. Performance indicators of four key textile processes will be mathematically modelled : - polymer extrusion/yarn manufacturing - dyeing - finishing - technical fabrics manufacturing. This tool will be made interoperable with other available ERP solutions, thus responding to legacy issues for ERP systems already in place in textile SMEs. An accompanying training tool aiming at gathering process data, and at using the above self learning software techniques will allow to perform - automatic off-line optimization of manufacturing control parameters (lower manufacturing variability, reduced labour costs) - off-line product quality diagnosis (speed up the identification of root causes for quality defects) - on-line diagnosis of manufacturing quality risks (anticipate in real time process misbehaviours). The INNOTEX project will start in the second-half of 2006 and is planned for three years.

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