Social challenges

Grants for Collaborative Projects, including Research, innovation close to market, Coordination and Support Actions, and other new schemes (i.e. prizes, innovative public procurement, etc…) oriented to Political Priorities and Challenges of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

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Societal Challenge 2 addresses a wide range of key EU policy priorities aiming at fostering an ‘Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bioeconomy’, in line with the Commission Communication ‘Innovating for sustainable Growth: a Bioeconomy for Europe’85. This call includes actions aimed at supporting sustainable agriculture and forestry management processes providing public goods and innovative products for sustainable growth; fostering innovation (including social innovation) in rural areas for inclusive growth; and enhancing innovation in the bio-based industry for smart growth. These activities, mainly innovation, market and user-driven are complementary to the ones supported under the two Focus areas calls ‘Sustainable Food Security’ and ‘Blue Growth’.

Most activities related to sustainable and competitive bio-based industries as defined in the Horizon 2020 Specific Programme will be implemented through the Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) on Bio-based Industries86. Activities proposed in the current call are complementary to those undertaken by the JTI, and target the supply side of the biomass to bioproducts value chain through the development of innovative feedstocks, research and innovation on next generation bio-refineries using CO2 as direct feedstock, and supporting markets for bio-based products.

The call ‘Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bioeconomy’ also integrates cross-cutting activities covering all Societal Challenge 2:
- Communication, technology transfer and dissemination activities, seeking to foster citizens' engagement and promote participative governance of the Bioeconomy, respecting a Responsible Research and Innovation; and supporting National Contact Points for Societal Challenge 2;
- actions seeking to bridge the activities and projects under different pillars of Horizon 2020, and help the uptake of research results along the innovation chain;
- activities supporting the completion of the European Research Area through coordination and co-funding of public research programmes relevant to this societal challenge’.
- an inducement prize and a fast track to innovation instrument topic.