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The Joint Technology Initiative Clean Sky 2 will build on, and carry forward, the successes of the first period of the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative, which ends in 2017. The initiative, which aims at improving the environmental impact of aeronautical technologies, as well as to developing a strong and globally competitive aeronautical industry and supply chain in Europe, will run from 2014 to 2024 and its total budget is € 3,948,750,000, of which the EU will contribute with up to € 1,755,000,000 from Horizon 2020 and other partners of CS2 will contribute with, at least, € 2,193,750,000 .

The objectives of the initiative are to achieve a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions, a 90% reduction in NOX and a 65% reduction in perceived noise by 2050 compared to 2000 levels, and 4 hour door-to-door journeys for 90% of European travellers.

The Clean Sky 2 programme consists of four elements:
* Three Innovative Aircraft Demonstrator Platforms (IADPs), for Large Passenger Aircraft, Regional Aircraft and Fast Rotorcraft, developing and testing flying demonstrators at the full aircraft/vehicle level;
* Three Integrated Technology Demonstrators (ITDs), looking at airframe, engines and systems, using demonstrators at major integrated system level;
* Two Transverse Activities (Small Air Transport, Eco-Design), integrating the knowledge of different ITDs and IADPs for specific applications and enabling synergies to be exploited between different platforms through shared projects and results;
* The Technology Evaluator (TE), monitoring and assessing the environmental and societal impact of the technologies developed in the IADPs and ITDs.