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Funded under 6th FWP (Sixth Framework Programme)
Research area:
NMP-2003- New and user-friendly production technologies and their incorporation into the factory of the future,NMP-2003- New knowledge-based higher performance multi-materials for macro-scale applications

LEAPFROG represents an industry-driven flagship project to achieve, through a joint focussed effort, the necessary scientific-technological breakthrough to transform the entire textile and clothing sector into a flexible knowledge-driven high-tech industry, by using new user-friendly production technologies, factory of the future concepts and innovative organisation models for the entire value-adding network, thereby preserving its long- term competitiveness in an enlarged Europe.

To achieve such industry transformation the LEAPFROG initiative will focus on 3 major objectives:
A leap in productivity and cost efficiency in garment manufacturing. Radical reengineering and intelligent automation of the key tasks in this complex labour-intensive process will lead to an industrial breakthrough and remove the main cause of massive manufacturing localisation away from Europe. A radical move towards rapid customised manufacturing in one of the most demand-volatile sectors through flexibilisation and integration of cost-effective and sustainable processes from fabric processing through to customer delivery. Ever speedier fashion trends and retail order cycles will offer the flexible quick-responding EU manufacturer significant opportunities to exploit his proximity advantage and bring the right product to the right place at shortest notice. A paradigm change in customer service and customer relationship management with a focus on value-adding product-services. Innovative organisation will be developed and integrated within the knowledge based Extended Smart Garment Organisation - the new integrative framework for the organisation of flexible garment manufacturing of the future.

To achieve these ambitious goals, a unique industry-driven consortium of 11 user companies representing the entire chain from yarn to retail, 10 developers of machinery, systems and software, 12 multi-disciplinary research and education centres and 2 European-wide industry associates.

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