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 Direct ultra-precision manufaturing(MANUDIRECT)
Funded under 6th FWP (Sixth Framework Programme)
Research area:
NMP-2004- New production technologies for new micro-devices using ultra precision engineering techniques

The manufacturing technologies to date available are limited in space resolution to some 200 µm in particular for bulk metallic components. Direct, bottom up, fabrication, with much improved space resolution and increased productivity, could be made available.

The first level objective of the project is to provide the manufacturing industry with an entirely new platform for manufacturing, by the way of high-productivity, high-resolution, direct, one-step laser sintering using metals and ceramic materials. This leading objective represents a key factor for future competitivity of EU based manufacturing industry.

The project will develop the new Direct Manufacturing Platform by providing:
- several powders grades developed for the technology, integrated in the micro/nanoscale;
- highly localized powder and laser fluxes;
- high productivity combined with spatial resolutions in the scale of 50 µm;
- new methodologies for integrated materials and components design;
- the developed platform to be available for exploitation within the EU manufacturing industry.

The impact of the project and its success will be horizontal to many sectors and vertical in engineering methodologies. Virtual engineering concepts and design will be translated into products without the need of prototyping steps.

Economic impact can be evaluated for some sectors, for example microengineering, biomedical and others. But the impact is much wider, because it opens the way to direct macroscale fabrication and even new horizons in human sciences and expression.

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