M€ in open calls for proposals for a total budget of 4.750 M€.
Grants to facilitate knowledge acquisition and technology transfer between Universities, Research Centres and Private firms through the hiring of researchers.
Topic / Target >ITN Marie Curie Action: Initial Training Networks


This action aims to improve career perspectives of early-stage researchers in both public and private sectors, thereby making research careers more attractive to young people.

This will be achieved through a trans-national networking mechanism, aimed at structuring the existing high-quality initial research training capacity throughout Member States and associated countries.

Direct or indirect involvement of organisations from different sectors, including (lead-) participation by private enterprises in appropriate fields, is considered essential in the action.

In particular, the action aims to add to the employability of the recruited researchers through exposure to both academia and enterprise, thus extending the traditional academic research training setting and eliminating cultural and other barriers to mobility.

The action will be implemented by supporting competitively selected networks of organisations from different countries engaged in research training. The networks will be built on a joint research training programme, responding to well identified training needs in defined scientific or technological areas, with appropriate references to interdisciplinary and newly emerging supra-disciplinary fields.

Partnership: a distinction is made between partners in a network, based on their level of participation.

- Participants:

Participants are organisations (e.g. universities, public or private non-commercial research centres, large enterprises, SMEs, non-profit or charitable organisations, etc.) that are full partners of a network.

- Associated partners:

Associated partners do not recruit any researchers, but provide training in research and transferable skills, as well as secondment opportunities.

Private sector (including SMEs): In order to ensure that researchers are trained in a suitably intersectoral environment to fully acquire the skills necessary for them to participate in a range of roles in the modern knowledge economy, the active involvement of the private sector in the research training programme is considered essential.

Participants will apply for support through a joint training
programme. These training programmes will address in particular the development and broadening of the research competences of early-stage researchers, especially doctoral candidates.

Attention will be paid to the quality of the joint research training programme, with provision for qualitative and quantitative supervision and mentoring arrangements as well as career guidance, while ensuring, where relevant, the meaningful exposure of each researcher to other disciplines and sectors through visits, secondments and other training events.

The training programme will exploit complementary competences of the participant(s) and associated partners, including from the private sector, and will reflect, where relevant, existing or planned research collaborations among the partners. It will require the mutual recognition of the quality of the training and, if possible, of diplomas and other certificates awarded.

Training events offered within the participant(s) and associated partners (summer schools, specialised training courses, seminars, etc) may also be opened to external researchers. Visiting researchers, originating from either the private or public sectors, can also be invited with a view to complement the network’s capacity to transfer new knowledge.

Training programmes under this action are expected to contribute to the structuring of existing high-quality initial research and doctoral training capacity throughout Europe in both public and private sectors.


Start date: 10/07/2012
End date: 22/11/2012
Total budget
for this call: 470.720.000
(Training and career ) FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN Support for training and career development of researchers

Initial Training of Researchers

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