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 Thermal spraying of nanophased powders(NANOSPRAYING)
Funded under 5th FWP (Fifth Framework Programme)
Research area:
1.1.3.-5. RTD Activities of a Generic Nature : materials and their technologies for production and transformation and new and improved materials and production technologies in the steel field

This project intend to develop the technology of thermal spraying of nanophased materials (grain sizes less than 100 nm), by adapting to each other both the powder materials and the spraying technology. Coatings will be specifically designed for the protection of industrial components operating under severe and extreme wear and/or corrosion conditions.
The project is based on two main lines of work:
a) designing and producing (by Mechanomaking) nanophased materials powders best suited for the application and thermal spray processing;
b) modifying and adapting currently existing HVOF and APS plants to spraying of such powders. The nanostructured coatings will be applied to selected industrial components in engines and oil drilling equipments.

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