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 Investigative Support for the Elucidation of the Toxicological Impact of Nanoparticles on Human Health and the Environment(NANOTOX)
Funded under 6th FWP (Sixth Framework Programme)
Research area:
NMP-2002- Roadmaps for nanotechnology

The global aim of this project is to provide investigative support for the elucidation of the toxicological impact of nanoparticles on human health and the environment. It is aimed at area of the Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences, Knowledge Based Multifunctional Materials, New Production Processes and Devices work programme. Public organisations and nanotechnology companies across Europe are under pressure to improve the safety of nanoparticles. In this project, they will document potential methods of dispersal and contamination by nanoparticles and agglomerated nanocrystals (e.g. sorption, desorption, transport, aggregation, deposition, bio-uptake). The review will also address the following issues: a)physical and chemical properties of different t ypes of nanoparticles and agglomerated nanocrystals; b)manufacturing and use; c)human health effects including side effects; d)animal toxicology; e)environmental impacts; f)mutagenicity/genotoxicity; g)metabolism/pharmacokinetics; h)standards for safe use; i)safe laboratory methods etc. Current research and development activities in Europe will be mapped and entered onto an on-line European database, which will be linked to existing web sites and databases of specialist groups. Standards, legislation, ethic al issues, policies and codes of practice, at international and European level, which have been put in place or are under development, will be assessed and reviewed. Their implications and effectiveness will be discussed. Ways in which existing legislation is applied to the macroscale counterparts of nanoparticles will also be examined. Guidelines and recommendations for the institution of future European standards, legislation, ethics, policies, and codes of practise, for the safe production and use of nan oparticles will be produced. All potential impacts revealed by this SSA will be documented in the final report & disseminated via the specialised webpages on the Nanoforum & Nanotox websites.

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