Industrial Leadership

Grants focused on companies, mainly SMEs, for the development of technologies and innovations, especially Key Enabling Technologies (KET), access to Risk Finance, and Bottom-Up Projects market oriented with New SME instrument.

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The specific objective of nanotechnologies research and innovation is to secure Union leadership in this high growth global market, by stimulating scientific and technological advancements and investment in nanotechnologies and their uptake in high added value, competitive products and services across a range of applications and sectors.

The specific objective of advanced materials research and innovation is to develop materials with new functionalities and improved in-service performance, for more competitive and safe products that minimise the impact on the environment and the consumption of resources.

The specific objective of advanced manufacturing and processing research and innovation is to transform today's manufacturing enterprises, systems and processes. This will be done inter alia by leveraging key enabling technologies in order to achieve more knowledge-intensive, sustainable, resource- and energy-efficient trans-sectoral manufacturing and processing technologies, resulting in more innovative products, processes and services.