Social challenges

Grants for Collaborative Projects, including Research, innovation close to market, Coordination and Support Actions, and other new schemes (i.e. prizes, innovative public procurement, etc…) oriented to Political Priorities and Challenges of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

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FoodScanner-01-2015 Horizon Prize - Food Scanner CALL CLOSED
Specific challengeThe goal of this contest is to improve the quality of citizens' health and well-being by helping them to better monitor their food intake with the use of a food scanner.The technological solution(s) submitted should benefit a wide...
HOA-01-2015 Horizon Prize - Better use of Antibiotics CALL CLOSED
Scope:The Horizon Prize for better use of antibiotics is a €1 million prize that will be awarded to the person or team who can most effectively meet the following challenge: develop a rapid test that can identify at the point of care patients with...