M€ in open calls for proposals for a total budget of 4.750 M€.
Grants to facilitate knowledge acquisition and technology transfer between Universities, Research Centres and Private firms through the hiring of researchers.

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Strengthening, quantitatively and qualitatively, the human potential in research and technology in Europe, by stimulating people to enter into the profession of researcher, encouraging European researchers to stay in Europe, and attracting to Europe researchers from the entire world, making Europe more attractive to the best researchers.

Building on the experiences with the "Marie Curie" actions under previous Framework Programmes, this will be done by putting into place a coherent set of "Marie Curie" actions, particularly taking into account the European added value in terms of their impact on the European Research Area.

These actions will address researchers at all stages of their careers, from initial research training specifically intended for young people to life-long learning and career development in the public and private sectors.

Efforts will also be made to increase participation by women researchers, by encouraging equal opportunities in all "Marie Curie Actions", by designing the actions to ensure that researchers can
achieve an appropriate work/life balance and by facilitating the resumption of a research career after a break.