0 M€ in open calls for proposals for a total budget of 4.097 M€.
Grants for subcontracting at least 2 Technology Experts on behalf of 3 or more SMEs established in 2 or more EU Member or Associated States, for the development of innovative products, services or processes; as well as other grants to enhance Europe’s R&D and innovation capacities.

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Strengthening the research potential of European regions, in particular by encouraging and supporting the development, across Europe, of regional "research-driven clusters" associating universities, research centres, enterprises and regional authorities.

The new "Regions of Knowledge" initiative will involve and bring together regional actors involved in research, such as universities, research centres, industry, public authorities (regional councils or regional development agencies).

Projects will cover joint analysis of research agendas of regional clusters (in coordination with other activities on the broader
issue of regional innovation clusters) and the elaboration of a set of instruments to address them in specific research activities, including through the ‘mentoring’ of regions with less developed research profiles by highly developed regions and support for emerging Regions of Knowledge.

This will comprise measures aiming at improving research networking and access to sources of research funding as well as better integration and linking of research actors and institutions in regional economies.

These activities will be implemented in close relationship with Community regional policy (structural funds), the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme and the education and training programmes.

In the context of the specific activity of ‘Regions of Knowledge’ synergies will be sought with Community regional policy as well as with relevant national and regional programmes, in particular with regard to convergence and outermost regions.