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 Development of a cost effective submersible fish cage system (SUBFISHCAGE)(SUBFISHCAGE)
Funded under 6th FWP (Sixth Framework Programme)
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SME-1 Co-operative Research (all areas of science and technology)

The value is currently 2.500 million Euro per year. Aquaculture constitutes 17 % of the volume and 27 % of thevalue of the total fisheries in the Union, however this varies within the different regions in Europe. However, the lastdecade the annual growth rage of EU aquaculture of 3,4 % has been slower than the world average of 11 %. Theprogress in fish farming has been good, but is now tending to slow down. To continue to be active in the market aswell as increase the annual growth rate of aquaculture, this industry needs to innovate and develop new and costeffective production methods compared to the current method of production addressing the main challenges thisaquaculture industry faces, including competition for space, harmful algae blooms, eutrophication, escapees,alien species and GMO's. Our idea is to develop a cost-effective submersible fish cage for suitable for openwaters and unsheltered coastal areas. By submersion technology, our SubFishCage system to be developed inthe project, will be able exploit open waters and unsheltered coastal areas and and avoid threats in the surfacelayer of the water including bad weather conditions and high waves, ice floe (in Northern waters) which cancause damage to the installation with consequences like escapees and hence alien species and GMO. Inaddition, submersion will make it possible to avoid the negative effects of algae and jellyfish invasions, since thisdo occur in the surface water layer. Moving offshore will also reduce the risk of negative effects of eutrophication.Our innovations and development routes include:a?? A patentable Deep Sea Anchoring System with Rotating Head. An innovation consists of a deep seaanchoring system for water depth ut to 1000 meters with a rotating head for free rotation in 360 degreesand a crawfoot connection between the rotating head of the ancoring system and the fish cagea?? Control System for Submersion of Fish Cage. An #'

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