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 A portable, multichanneled, inexpensive, non invasive 3-dimensional gait analysis system, developed for community use that is easy to use, provides rapid and accurate gait reports(SUREGAIT)
Funded under 6th FWP (Sixth Framework Programme)
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SME-6-Electronics 6.-Electrical industry/Electronics (sector code)

Our idea is develop an efficient, reliable, cost-effective gait analysis system. Current systems are usually expensive, complex, large, non-portable, and can be difficult to use. Specialised gait analysis laboratories are extremely hi-tech and accurate in their diagnosis of human disorders or diseases. However, they are extremely expensive, difficult to set up and use, requiring significant expertise, normally centred around large cities, medical schools and in private clinics.

Our technical objectives for SUREGAIT are to develop a portable, inexpensive, non-invasive, 3-Dimensional gait analysis system that can be used in the community. Being simple-to use, it can be set up by a nurse at a GP sugery, community centre, village/church hall, or even at a nursing home and be calibrated prior to use. As results at present can be obtained within five minutes, it is hoped that this can be further brought down to one minute. Due to its ease of use, it is envisiged that up to 20 patients could easily be analysed in a session.

All the data from the various sensors and the matching video clips will be sent to a doctor, anywhere in the EU, with expertise in gait analysis via e-mail, or mobile phone technology, for diagnosis. In addition, the relatively low cost of the SUREGAIT technology will allow gait analysis to be available to anybody who requires it in all European Union countries. Each skin-mounted EMG sensor will allow force measurement and positional analysis of the patient. Sensors will be highly innovative in that they are truly wireless, running off low power, negating the need for the patient to carry heavy battery packs or trailing cables.

To achieve this we need to develop appropriate digital communication network between all the radio sensors in the system triangulation protocol and process to give a sensors location and orientation and the sensors be made flexible and miniaturised.

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