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 Technology application to the near term business goals and objectives of the aerospace industry(TANGO)
Funded under 5th FWP (Fifth Framework Programme)
Research area:
1.1.3.-4. Key Action New Perspectives in Aeronautics

In order to achieve major reductions in the operating costs of civil transport aircraft, significant improvements in airframe structural efficiency are required. These improvements can only be achieved through large-scale validation on new design, manufacturing and test technologies by the key European airframe manufacturers and their supply chain. The TANGO Project aims to achieve these improvements of key pre-production airframe structures and thereby facilitate full-scale industrial implementation. Within the project, four such test structures will be constructed, specifically, a composite wing box and metal to composite joint, a composite joint, a composite centre wing box, a composite fuselage section and an advanced metallic fuselage section. The early stages of the project will consist of structural performance definition and design work together with a detailed evaluation of each of the proposed technologies. Once this phase is complete, a subset of technologies will be selected for use in the construction of each of the structures. The airframe manufacturers involved in the project and members of their supply chain will then build the necessary sub-assemblies and components. On completion of the manufacturing phase, each member of the Airbus Industry consortium will be responsible for the assembly and testing of one of the airframe elements listed above.

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