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 Teleworking learning methods(TELMET)

Research area: II.1.1.a Innovation in vocational training for workers


The general objective of this pilot project is to create an open and flexible training methodology in the field of teleworking that responds to the needs of people who want to retrain to work in this new occupation. The partners also aim to reinforce the European dimension of teleworking, foster union affiliation within the sector, improve working conditions and promote teleworking in corporate culture as means of coping with technological and industrial change. To achieve this, the partners will undertake the following activities :

- identification of model teleworker profiles that are common to all the countries participating in the study;
- analysis and definition of key transversal competencies that are both common and specific to each teleworker profile;
- identification of the key and specific transversal competencies that need to be enhanced for each profile;
- design of a training/learning methodology necessary for each teleworker profile;
- testing of the methodology in two situations via distance training using telematics and by means of a computer simulation tool;

General Information

Contract number : E/97/2/00391/PI/II.1.1.a/FPC

Domaine : Continuing vocational training

Contents :
Self-training and distance learning
Vocational/ Careers guidance
New job profiles

Products :
Training programmes/ curriculum
Description of new occupational profiles
Distance training

Public :
Trainers, designers & managers of training programmes
Workers in companies
Training managers

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