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 Vocational training in analytical chemistry(VTAC)

Research area: II.1.1.c Transfer of technological innovation in the context of cooperation between undertakings and universities


Analytical chemistry is a constantly evolving basic discipline, which is not only transdisciplinary, but also transnational. Every analytical chemist is called upon to keep abreast of new technology and new products to practice this profession. The aim of this project is to train analytical chemists in new technologies, by strengthening co-operation between training institutions, universities and companies, on a transnational level. This training is also intended for trainers, so that they can go on to integrate this new knowledge into their teaching.

Following a study of needs, the partners have proposed on-going training based around four themes: quality assurance and quality control, the environment and pollution, separation methods and detection methods. Each partner will be required to propose a specific subject, a detailed training curriculum and specialised trainers, in the concrete form of a training module designed for a wide range of people (students, employees, teachers, researchers, etc.). The final phase will be devoted to a final evaluation of the training given

- Training tools distributed at the start of training, in the form of books and manuals.
- Training modules on each theme, supported with hand-written products which may be of use to future participants.

General Information

Contract number : F/95/2/2527/P/II.1.1.c)/FPC

Domaine : Continuing vocational training

Contents :
Training as a sectoral dynamic

Products :
Short training courses
Short transnational courses
Creation of networks

Public :
Trainers, designers & managers of training programmes
Workers/ Employees
Young people entering work

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